For many people, tax is not a nice subject. For most of us, it forces us into involuntary philanthropy. Instead of other people giving out your wealth, distribute it yourself through charitable giving.

TWe make taxes easy and simple for you. How? We take the hassle of making sure you took advantage of all credits and benefits the IRS allows. Some solutions are as simple as selling appreciated stocks with depreciated stocks to minimize capital gains tax.

Why review your taxes alone when you can have an experienced team of Advisors make sure your taking the right deductions? We will work with your CPA or Tax Attorney, or recommend one to you that can make your philanthropy volunatary.

We take the headache out of things for you. We will sit with you and your advisors to make sure you are fully utilizing all deductions and credits available. We will help you with your team of tax advisors answer any and all of your questions to make sure you feel comfortable before you file your taxes.

Capital Gains Tax, Personal Tax, Business Tax, and Estate Tax are some areas which our clients have the most questions.

About Studemont Group

Studemont is not your typical financial services firm. A fact that we take tremendous pride in. While other financial firms are merely concerned about what products to ultimately sell you, at Studemont we like to say we are “agnostic” to the product as long as the desired goal is achieved. Where other firms and advisors might focus solely on chasing returns, Studemont is committed to the Science, Engineering, and Academia behind achieving expected returns.