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Committed to the Science, Engineering, and Academia behind achieving expected returns.

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Studemont is not your typical financial services firm. A fact that we take tremendous pride in. While other financial firms are merely concerned about what products to ultimately sell you, at Studemont we like to say we are “agnostic” to the product as long as the desired goal is achieved. Where other firms and advisors might focus solely on chasing returns, Studemont is committed to the Science, Engineering, and Academia behind achieving expected returns.
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Life Insurance Strategies

The fact that the federal government limits how much money one can put in a life insurance policy says what about it? It must be... good. More specifically, it must be good in relationship to one...


Tax Strategies

Warren Buffet said in the Wall Street Journal “my secretary pays more tax than I do”. Statistics show most people are not taking advantage of all optimization available and miss upwards of 20% on...


Free Market Portfolio Theory™

The Free Market Portfolio TheoryTM is the synthesis of three academic principles: Efficient Market Hypothesis, Modern Portfolio Theory, and the Three-Factor Model. Together these concepts form a...


Employee Retention & Business Planning Solutions

Loyalty isn’t always enough in the business world. Offers come and offers go. Sometimes key people go with them.

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